Travelling by doing voluntourism could be the best way for you to see the world while giving something back to the countries or communities you´re visiting. Voluntourism is an important way to make tourism more sustainable and benefit directly local people. It is a good way to make a positive impact through your travel.


Being voluntourist at the Botanical Park Los Yapas means you can participate in some of the activities carried out by volunteers and at the same time enjoy all the benefits we offer (accommodation, food, drinks and installations) at a really convenient price. You can fit into a flexible schedule, and the commitments that you make are up to you. This experience completely immerses you in our culture in a way that conventional travelers and backpackers simply can't experience. This is the opportunity for you to make a difference as a traveler.


It could be the chance for you and us to interact learn and appreciate each other´s cultures, to work together for a cause we believe in, for a better present and future.

Please check the list of the prices and make your choice >
$40 per person/day: if you do 1 hour volunteer work
$30 per person/day: if you do 2 hours volunteer work
Prices includes: 3 meals, accommodation, guided tour and more…
Accommodation, Services and Facilities:
  • Beds with mosquito netting
  • Towels
  • Restaurant (with organic food provided by our farm)
  • Meals (depending on the package), mineral water and juices
  • Wireless Internet
  • Visits with guide
  • 2 shared bathrooms with hot and cold water
  • Covered hammock area
  • Rubber boots, poncho rain
  • Laundry Service
  • Private parking place
  • Electricity 110V/60 Hz
  • A free accommodation for the leader of a group of 10 or more people
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