Volunteering/ Internship

Field work on conservation projects requires a lot of physical and mental effort. We need you to achieve our goals and restore the rain forest. One way to make your visit to the tropics a valuable experience for yourself and for the environment too, is to volunteer at Los Yapas Botanical Park.  Volunteering is a good opportunity for those who want to spend special holidays or for people who are tired of their present job or just want a career break and for new graduates interested in an environmental related career. This allows you to discover field work.  You can use your professional skills to help the recovery of the rain forest and/or discover new skills useful for environmental conservation.


A volunteer/internship program in the Botanical park Los Yapas can help you discover the inner you, make new friends and make part of the adventure of protecting the Amazon rainforest. Finally it is a unique experience showing that living in direct contact with nature is a way to be happy.

Botanical Park Los Yapas needs volunteers and interns to lead projects related to reforestation, food sovereignty, human security, agroecology, organic agriculture, rainforest restoration, coaching, personal restoration, etc. People can collect seeds and plant saplings, monitor reforestation progress, maintain saplings, identify plants, birds, insects and fungi; help with trail building and the constant maintenance and development of the infrastructure, work with children on environmental education projects, develop organic farming techniques and give workshops.


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