General Information

General Information

Accommodations at the Botanical Park Los Yapas are comfortable. Volunteers/Interns are placed in individual or shared rooms (for 2 people) with mosquito netting and shelving for storage. Couples can have their own room. There are two shared bathrooms, each containing a Western’ style flush toilet, hand basin and hot shower. We have electricity, potable water and laundry. There are two dining and relaxation areas with television, DVD player, a video library with environmental documentaries and other movies, as well as a library and covered hammock area.
Food is provided and most of it is organic. You'll have three meals per day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is wholesome and mainly Ecuadorian, international vegan and vegetarian, including muesli, quinoa, bread, fruits, pasta, potatoes, rice or couscous, soup, vegetables, beans, and lentils. You can always prepare hot water, infusions, tea, or coffee. Potable drinking water is available in the kitchen.
Number of Volunteers/Interns 
The reserve can hold up to around 12 volunteers/interns, but the number of volunteers needed varies depending on the lodge capacity and the season.

To ensure a place as a Volunteer/Intern on the Park we recommend you to pre-register in advance. This allows us to plan, prepare enough material, tools, equipment and work for the volunteers. 

Otherwise you can also use your spontaneity and just show up, but then there is a risk to find no accommodation in the Park.

In any case, you will have to fill the Application form.

Volunteers contribute with $140.00 U.S. per week only ! and for interns $100 per week! with negotiable rates for groups and long-term stays. This fee will be collected at the end of each week during your stay. It includes food, drinks, accommodation and limited transportation to the village. There are banks in the closest town Puyo. All payments to the Botanical Park Los Yapas must be in U.S. dollars.