Volunteer requirements
Volunteers need no scientific background, just bring a sense of adventure, good humor, your enthusiasm, willingness to learn and be prepared to get your hands dirty! We welcome everyone over 18 and at all fitness levels.

The doors of Botanical Park Los Yapas are always open; there are no deadlines, schedules or timetables to meet. If you have your own project ideas, we can discuss them and we can help you to make your ideas come true.
Project assistants
To be an assistant you must have good level of Spanish, stay in the project for a minimum of two months (3 months or longer is preferred). You will become part of the staff, or do your own research under our supervision. To apply for an assistant position, please contact us.
Interns requirements

Interns need a backgroud in the field they want to carry out their internship and the permission of a supervisor. For more information contact us.

Interns can make their college or university practices on topics such as:
1) development of medicinal products based on native plants.
2) agroecology, organic food production.
3) development of ecotourism and gardening.
4) human security, food sovereignty, nutrition and health.
5) alternative medicine.
6) coaching.

Spanish Requirements
We just started a community in the Park, so it´s necessary to have at least a basic level of Spanish. In the Park we can also communicate in English, French or German but most of the time interns and volunteers want to improve their Spanish so this is the stablished language. You will end up learning a lot more if you speak from the begining at least a bit of Spanish. It is also important to be able to communicate in Spanish if you wish to get involved with the local community. 

 If you want to spend 3 months volunteering in Botanical Park Los Yapas, you can take Spanish lessons for 2 or 3 weeks before you join us. During this time you can get a basic level of Spanish to be able to communicate with the staff from the project.

To apply for this Volunteer Program, click here. All the extra information you need it is described on the form.

To apply for this Internship Program, click here. All the extra information you need it is described on the form.