Our mision

Our mission is to restore and replicate the entire rain forest flora and wildlife. For this purpose we aim to protect natural water sources and to establish and maintain an indigenous botanical park. We will therefore develop research, horticultural training, conservation, educational and recreational projects.
The heart and raison d’être of the park are the planting of native forest trees, fruit trees, plants native to the region and plants with medicinal properties. We also pursue the rescue and propagation of native orchids and bromeliads. From these primary activities, we plan to develop a model for the recuperation and protection of the rain forest which can be utilized by other farmers of the region. As an educational issue this project will allow younger generations to be aware of the resources they have and why they should protect them.

Finally we have to underline that the tropical reforestation is one of the most effective methods of sequestering carbon dioxide emissions. Participation by Ecuadorians and citizens of other countries from around the world in the replanting of the Amazonian rain forest is important in recovering the global environment, and supports the principal goal of our project. With the assistance of specialists, we have compiled a list of trees and other flora from which most of the species have been chosen for the reforestation project.
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